Justin Bieber is among one of the most iconic names in pop culture today, as he is one of the most accomplished young artists of his time. But many people do not realize where he came from, and what steps led to his worldwide fame. It is time to get all the facts about his rise to the top.

Justin's life began on March 1st, 1994. He was born in St. Joseph's Hospital which was located in London, Ontario, Canada. He was also raised in Ontario, Canada in Stratford. His family was not one that was traditional, as his mother and father never married but have remained good friends. By the age of 12, Justin Bieber's career would begin to take shape.

Justin Bieber's school was one that was considered a French immersion elementary experience, offering a basis in both English and the French languages. Jeanne Suave Catholic School was the name of Justin Bieber's school. The first step in Justin Bieber's career would be his entrance into a local singing competition where he placed second singing Ne-Yo's "So Sick". He was 12 at this point, and his mother Mallette put the video up on Youtube for family and friends to see.

He continued to cover R&B songs, each of which his mother would put on Youtube for his growing fan base. Justin Bieber's discovered songs on this popular video sharing site is what initially got him the opportunity to start recording music professionally. It didn't take long to get noticed, of Justin Bieber's discovered songs, his big break was actually an accident. Scooter Braun, who would later become Justin's manager, was looking for another singer entirely when he came across one of Justin's videos on Youtube and really liked what he heard.

With some convincing of his mother, Braun was able to fly Bieber to Atlanta to get a demo laid down. Here he would meet and even sign with Usher, becoming a client with Raymond Braun Media Group. His family would move to Atlanta for a short time while the initial recording of the debut album occurred, but this is not their current location. So where is Justin Bieber now?

Well after the certified Platinum run of his first EP release, My World, Bieber was able to make enough to move his current home just about anywhere he might care to. He and his family chose their current location, a mansion located outside of Los Angeles, for its closeness to the city. This current home in Calabasas is 10,000 square feet located on 1.3 acres.

If you were to ask where is Justin Bieber now in terms of his career, the answer would be a multi-platinum recording artist still on the rise. He has the second largest following of fans on Twitter, and every album he has put out has gone platinum. My World 2.0 went double platinum.